Expand Japanese culture and design to the world and inherit to the future.

Many famous temples in Japan are Hachikakudo, an octagonal structure seen from the top.
In Japan since ancient times, the cube of two, 8 has been regarded as a number of good luck,
and has been preffered as a reprensenting all orientations and spreads. Our concept house, THINK HOUSE, also inherits that idea.

We are a company that is expanding into Japan and also in the world.
The slogan is "The Cutting-edge of Japanese Traditional Design".

Service Concept


Aiming for contribution to tradition and new integration regardless of industy.

In Japan, there are many cultures to enrich our lives. We hope to protect and enhance the wonderful culture and contribute to society widely. As a platform of Japanese culture and design, we will jointly consider product development, branding strategies, product and interior design, and other product development, utilizing the know-how we have cultivated up to now.


Business name Kuramochi Bussan Co., Ltd.
location 5-13-15 Chuo, Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki 300-1234 Japan
TEL 029-878-3966
FAX 029-878-3967
Establishment 2019
Business content 1. Design, construction and management of civil engineering and construction work
2. Sales of civil engineering materials
3. Real Estate Agency Governor (2) No. 6824
4. General Insurance Agency
5. All business incidental to the preceding items
Permit No. Ibaraki Governor's Permit (General-29) No. 31996
Capital 10 million yen
Number of employees 35 people